Trade Me for Apple Watch

Trade Me is New Zealand's largest online marketplace, where users come to buy and sell new and used goods. As a part of the central mobile team, we embarked on the journey of creating a companion app utilising the features of the Apple Watch.

Trade Me for Apple Watch is a glanceable app that combines Trade Me's most important features to allow users to buy and sell on the go.

I was the lead designer on this project, working with product owners on the strategy of the app, through to designing, user-testing and helping the app come into production. Since it's initial release in early 2019, we are now seeing an average of 700 users per day.

Give it a go!


I created a series of on-boarding screens that users interacted with on our Trade Me iOS app. This on-boarding was dependent on the situation of the user, whether they had an Apple Watch paired, the Trade Me app downloaded, the correct Watch OS, and push notifications turned on. These screens prompt the user to take the necessary steps to be able to use Trade Me for Apple Watch. I created illustrations within the on-boarding to aid understanding through use of metaphor, and helped provide delight that leads the user to want to download the app.

User Testing

I conducted a survey, phone interviews and in-house user testing to explore how people were using the Trade Me Apple watch app and to test the usability of new features including favourites, watchlist and LDP. I also sought out to discover which features we should include in our roadmap moving forward.

In short, the participants all found the new features useful and intuitive. They believed that they added value to the app and that they would use them in their daily activities.