Filling your space with plants has so many benefits, like improving the air quality, increasing productivity and relieving stress. Plus they look great! But maybe your plants aren't looking so great.. It can be so hard to know what you're doing wrong!

"I love plants, they really help to brighten up any space and make my apartment feel more homely. However, mine just keep dying and I don't know why. I always find it hard to remember when to water each one and it makes the whole experience way too stressful." - User Research

Plantify was created as part of my third year of a Bachelor of Design with honours. It was graded A+.

Touch Points

The plantify website helps users learn about what type of plant might be best for their situation, and allows them to buy it from the plantify shop. The user can then scan the QR code from the plant's packaging to get started, or manually add a plant they already have. The app uses local data such as temperatures in the area, alongside knowledge about the plants species to give you advice on how much you should be watering your plant. You can set up push notifications to ensure you don't miss a watering day. The app also uses augmented reality and image recognition to help you pinpoint what your plant might need. For example, if your plant's leaves are turning yellow, you can snap a picture and Plantify will give you tips on how to get your plant thriving again.